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Search for missing people

As we are advanced in tracing missing persons, we can assure you about the professional execution of the task. At every stage of our operations, our customers are kept informed about the progress in the case on regular basis.

Checking the life partner

We will verify all your future life partner has told you, which might be especially important regarding modern long distance relationships by phone or internet.

Marital infidelity services

Owing to our marital investigations our customers have no doubt. The results we deliver may allay the fears or provide the customer with irrefutable evidence in court.


We will carry out the genealogical research of the worldwide available databases. We will verify information by analyzing the collected data. We will search for the legitimate heirs in Poland and all over the world.

We will check the past of the person,

you are willing to hire as a babysitter. This will help you avoid unpleasant situations which are often caused by choosing the wrong candidate for such a responsible job.